9th Workshop on cofiring biomass with coal

25 – 27 February 2020

COFIRING BIOMASS WITH COAL is moving from west to east

Cofiring biomass reduces emissions of CO2, introduces a reliable renewable energy source into the existing power plant and grid infrastructure, and increases the value of forestry by-products and agricultural wastes.

In Europe cofiring is well-established due to strong policy and regulatory support and Asia has huge potential for cofiring
  • Japan is taking forward more than 20 projects
  • China plans 89 pilot demonstration projects
  • South Korea, India, Vietnam and Malaysia are expanding their cofiring activity.

Topics addressed:

  • biomass supply, sustainability and logistics
  • biomass handling and related safety issues
  • biomass pre-treatment
  • combustion and gasification
  • slagging, fouling and corrosion issues
  • power plant conversion/adaptation
  • emissions control and ash management
  • supportive policies

Cost for registration for the full event, including welcome reception, lunches and workshop dinner, was US$ 750.