Site visits went to the Shin Onoda Power Station and the Kitakyushu Laboratory of Nippon Steel Engineering. The site visits took place on Tuesday 25th February, followed by a welcome reception. 

If you have purchased a ticket for the Cofiring 9 site visits, please enter your personal details required to gain access to the sites. Click the button below to fill in your name, job title, company along with a file of the picture page from your passport (this information will not be kept on file after the site visits).

Shin Onoda Power Station

The Shin Onoda Power Plant is located in Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi Prefecture and consists of two 500 MW supercritical units. It started trial cofiring biomass with coal in 2007 and has been cofiring with the support from Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) scheme since.

kitakyushu Laboratory

Kitakyushu Laboratory

The Kitakyushu Laboratory engages in research on clean coal technologies, such as reforming, pyrolysis, gasification, catalyst utilisation and improving low-rank coal qualities. The laboratory also works on pretreatment, saccharification and fermentation processes for cellulosic biomass.

Cost for registration for the full event, including welcome reception, lunches and workshop dinner, was US$ 750.